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Our adoption Cneter...

Welcome to the adoption center of Hims-N-Purrs Himalayans. Every kitty that leaves here comes with a health guarantee. Any known concerns will be discussed with the potential buyer because I feel that it is the most important thing that the owner is happy with the kitty and the kitty is happy with the new owner. I want to know that my kitties leave my house with a home for life.

I offer pet, breeder and show kitties and all are sold with a contract. Pet kitties are sold with a spay/neuter agreement and pet kitten prices start from $350 depending on the overall quality of the kitten, show kitty prices are reasonable. Adult adoption is on an individual bases but VERY reasonable.

All prices do NOT include shipping, carriers and any certificates that might be needed. With the rate hikes the total costs for shipping, carrier & certificates are averaging around $200 depending on method of shipment.

You can preview my pet contract here.

If you would like to read through my packet on Kitten/Cat care you can see it here.

Our newest arrivals are...

   Patches has 3 boys, 1 Seal point, 1 Red tabby and 1 Black.
They are 5 weeks in these pictures.

To see more of Patches boys you can find them HERE   




Katie has 3 girls, 1 Tortie, 1 Black and 1 Blue.
They are 5 weeks in these pictures.

To see more of Katie's babies you can find them HERE


Gabby has 3 boys and 2 girls.
They are 2 weeks in these pictures. 

"Si"                                           "Callie"

Pictures of the rest of the litter can be found HERE



 Also available...


Hims-N-Purrs Solomon

Solomon would be wonderful to show in Premiership. He has
matured to be a very handsome adult. New pictures will be coming


CH Hims-N-Purrs Halima

Halima is available to the right home as a breeder/show girl.
She has great boning and weight, round head and nice ears,
round eyes and a nice nose.



Please be sure to email me if you have any questions about any of the kitties you have seen. I would be more than happy to help you find a kitty if there is something that I don't have. Also feel free to write me if you just want to talk cats!

If you like you can call me toll free at

Back to home...Come and meet our boys...Come and meet our girls...Come see some of our favorite photos...

What is available for adoption...Who are the new kits on the block?Some of our favorite plces to go...


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