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CH Oakheaven's Damn Naughty
CH Nahfoura's Natali Kohl

are pleased to share with you the arrivals of their lovely new babies. Born on October 25, 1999, these three little ones are growing quickly. They are pictured here at 2 weeks old and more pictures will be coming. If you would like to see the pedigree for these babies you can do so by clicking HERE.

First is Hims-N-Purrs Sweetness. Sweetness is a black cpc that I am very excited about. He looks to be a really nice baby so far. Very extreme with nice doming and smooth tophead. Nice body, tail and his legs are getting bigger all the time.

Next is Payton. Payton is a seal point boy that is looking very nice too. He is the smaller one in the litter right now because he gets pushed out of the way by the other two when it is feeding time. I think it won't be long and he will be catching up though! His eyes were barely open when these pictures were taken so the next pictures will look a bit better!

Last but not least is Alyne. She is a little girl that has everything except for an extreme nose! She has a marvelous body with a super short tail and as you can see in her pictures, her ears are VERY tiny! She is also a super sweet baby that just lays there when I cuddle her and doesn't cry at all.